Roman Numerals

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Even though Roman Numerals are over 2000 years old we still see them in many places today!



Roman Numeral Website

Just have a go at Level I and II

When you have had a go at the interactive games – write a comment to tell the others all about it and how it helped your learning!

Then if you think you are really smart try this Roman Numeral jigsaw puzzle, again just Level I and II

6 Responses to “Roman Numerals”

  1.   20sammad Says:

    because it is fun.


  2.   20sammad Says:

    the jigsaw is good beascause it is easy and fun.


  3.   Antonina Says:

    We did roman numerals up to twenty .Then we worked out bigger roman numerals on our blog , it was a little bit harder than we thought but we did it anyway .


  4.   20amirah Says:

    The roman numerals Quiz was really fun it helped me know how to do them up to 60 when your doing a maths quiz and you think this is going to be boring but when you really get into it you will start thinking this is actually fun and at the end you will know that it is learning that you were doing.


  5.   David Says:

    It was fun and It helepd my learing


  6.   20pawel Says:

    When we were doing maths we counted in Roman numerals to twenty when we done it to twenty the teacher said that we could do it up to 100 it was so exiting doing up to a hundred after we done our 100 we had this Roman numerals sheet that we could add and subtract also comparing and puting them in order it was really exiting doing roman numerals so yeah bye.


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