2 brains are better than 1

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Trial and error.

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    WE worked together and used the method trial and error. It was fun working together.


  2.   Nancy and charis Says:

    today we did neighbour numbers with are partner. we
    figer out some numbers this the numbers 2O 79 413 86 AND it was hard to figer out the ansewer figer out some somes first some look is for me but my parntener
    found hard the skills i yous was pevres


  3.   Michael and Farah Says:

    We were doing neighbour numbers. We found it a bit hard but we persevered and got all four write. We did trial and error method.


  4.   Zofia & Owais Says:

    we did error and trail. We had fun. We had to draw a house with windows. We had the numbers 0-9 and we had to make sure the numbers next to each other are not toching.


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