Planning a Stone Age Story

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Who is your audience?  What is the purpose?

We know when it was set … don’t we?

What about where your story is set? Be quite specific here as there is a big difference between the coast and the mountains for example.

Characters? Who are they?

Technical vocabulary – what Stone Age tools, animals, clothing are you going to use … remember who your audience are.

Opening :

Build up :

Dilemma :

Resolution :

Ending :

6 Responses to “Planning a Stone Age Story”

  1.   David&Sefrat Says:

    Sonwing, boy in a park hard hail hit his head end up in stone age meets lophy girl

    build up :
    Lophy show boy to fish for food, look for fish

    Boy fell in water by powerful fish.
    resolution: lophy fish boy out of water and stick hits head wakes up in modern day.

    ending: goes back home become sienctest and plans build time machine.


  2.   Stone Age Boy Says:

    Opening : Blizzard in the mountains, boy Bron, falls down a crevice in the rock, ends up in Stone Age, meets Egrid & Donk (stone age twins brother & sister)

    Build up : Twins show Bron how to make tools, spear, net, knife to go fishing in the shallow stream. They go to stream.

    Dilemma : Bron & Twins get stuck in water, bears on one side, another tribesman on other.

    Resolution : Use reeds to breath underwater and swim upstream to safety. The twins go off to get wood to get dry and warm. Bron climbs tree to looks for twigs and climbs back out of crevice onto mountain.

    Ending : storm is over. Walks back to cabin. Decides to study ancient people. Becomes Anthropologist as adult.


  3.   Poppy&Pawel Says:

    Opening:Sunny day boy,girl on beach fall down a tunel endes up in the stone age meats a girl.

    Build up: Jeff shows girl how they do things Jeff teach them go hunting looking for deer.

    Dilemma:Jeff&girl fall into a deep trap and they were serounded by dears

    Resolution: Jeff rememberd that he had a rope and a stick on his back they used them to clim out of the trap climbing out Jeff fell back in the same tunel travels back into modern day

    Ending : Goes back home becomes a sintects when older.


  4.   Eric & Owais Says:

    Opening : stormy,boy in the woods, falls down,down,down
    ends up in the stone age, meets Jackie

    build up : Jackie shows the boy how they do things;Jackie tells the boy how to make spears.
    they go looking for animals.

    dilemma :Jackie and the boy gets surrounded by stone age

    resolution : Jackie has a rope and a spear and attached to the top when he was getting out he fell down, down, down.(travels back to the modern day)

    Ending: goes back home becomes a sientest.


  5.   Mr L Says:

    Where do they look for fish? River, sea, lake, stream?


  6.   sammad&nicola Says:

    Opening : Windy, boy in jungle, trips over a rock, ends up in stone age,meets girl dumdumI

    build up : dumdum shows boy how they do things.dumdum teaches boy how to hunt.they go looking for buffalo
    dilemma :Dumdum and boy fall into a trap [stuck]
    Resolution :dumdum has flint stone and ataches it onto a stick and uses it to get out of the hole while climbing out boy bumps head and goes back to modern day.
    ending :I am a sientist now.


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