Hawthorn does Bollywood

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  1.   Zofia&Nancy&carla Says:

    We did Indian dance
    we put both of are hands in aire and shake them and we went up down up down and we really enjoy the leoson.


  2.   Swarangi&Amina & Antonina Says:

    I felt embarest the camera was always zoomed at me.
    I felt really happy because I knew all my dance moves and I think I did really well at it.
    I felt very very happy because this dance I have never did before.


  3.   Charis , Sinju & Poppy Says:

    Today we did Bolywood dancing.It was so much fun.The lady was really good at it and we all had a marvellous time.We had to learn the steps then we put them all together to make together.We were having the time of our life.It was FABULOUS!!! thanks espeshaly to the lady For teaching us.


  4.   Owais&borys Says:

    It was fantastic because we leaned how to say hello in
    India.we leaned how to show eyes and we leaned how to show if you’re nice.I was bending my leg and shaking my hand and putting one finger up and down. I was happy because it look like a party.


  5.   David and Michael and Amirah Says:

    Today we were dancing because next week it is going to be Bollywood festival and we were dancing in the hall and it was amazing.


  6.   Pasang, Prachi,Tvisha Says:

    Today at wise moves workshop we did Indian, bollywood dance. We learnt how to celebrate Diwali. It was a fantastic time and we all enjoyed it. We danced on Indian song. We learnt that in Diwali Indian people eat Indian food and sweets. Tvisha: I felt happy doing Indian dance. Prachi: I felt scared. Pasang: I felt free


  7.   Isablli&Mysha&Farah Says:

    today we danced with a lady from India we had a super time
    we leant new dance moves. The class engoied are time so much
    we hope we have more lessons ofthese amasing danses with the
    dance teacher. I Weash that we can hav fan a gEn wef the
    teacher .


  8.   samir&nicola&sammad Says:

    today we did bolywood dancing .it took 30 minetes.we did the dancing because it is dewali next week.in dewali they eat sweet stuff and at night they do fireworks.we dance and sing on dewali.


  9.   sufian & sefrat & Abubakar Says:

    we’re happy because the bollywood dance was awesome and made us tired and sleepy,making us hungry.


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