Prefixes and Suffixes

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We are going to create a list of as many prefixes and suffixes that we can think of and give 3 examples of each one – as well as one that is not a correct example

For example

sub –   submarine, sub-zero, subterranean                   not correct    subtraction

-able    changeable, agreeable, comfortable                 not correct     unable



5 Responses to “Prefixes and Suffixes”

  1.   20zofia Says:

    un- conscious un-able un-comfortable un-common


    •   Mr O'Sullivan Says:

      Wow Zofia, these are such interesting words.

      Do you need to put the dash in the words in your writing? I would love if you could use one of these words in a sentence to show me how it is done!

      Mr O’Sullivan


  2.   20isabelli Says:

    in-incorrect, inconsistent, inconsiderate


  3.   20borys Says:

    un- Unhappy, unable, unborn, unclear, uneasy, undress, unselfish, unfold

    -ful colourful, byutiful, wonderful


  4.   20farah Says:

    anti – antibiotic, anticlockwise, anticlimax not correct anticipate,

    -less hopeless, loveless,


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