Apostrophes or Apostrophe’s

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Can you help all the children in Hawthorn – and all the others out there in internet world – by writing an amazing explanation of when to use an apostrophe for possession.

Can you come up with a rule?

Why is it different from adding an -s for a plural?

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  1.   20amirah Says:

    When using apostrophe it’s usually you use it for s for example Lilys hair is really nice is incorrect it’s like this Lily’s hair is really nice is correct now you know how to use a apostrophe.๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚


  2.   20prachi Says:

    How to use apostrophes.When you use an apostrophes you need to be careful because when you use apostrophes that means that its yours and its also a plurel but some people puts apostrophes when thires more than one. Exsample That is Tvisha’s bag.You don’t use an apostrophes in some words because those words already have a meaning.


  3.   20charis Says:

    Apostrophes are used to show that it belongs to someone. Example: Charis took Prachi’s bag to give to her. They show the possetion of the person. Example: The chicken’s eggs get collected everyday. In this sentence the word eggs does not have an apostrophe because it is someone’s and is not the person who has something. Prachi’s pet dog’s chased Charis’s pet gerbil. In this sentence there is an apostrophe that is not meant to be there. This is the one in dogs. It is spelt like this, dog’s, but it is meant to be spelt like this, dogs.


  4.   20jacob Says:

    You use a Apostrophe when it is someones thing so for example Tom’s clothes are in the closet. You use it for an s but not for every s you use it when it is theirs.


  5.   20sinju Says:

    Apostrophes are used to shorten words.Example:Charis snached Sinju’s art supplies.They showed the position of the person’s name.Example:Prachi went to the strawberry farm and got lots of strawberrys.In this sentence there was no apostrophes. Strawberrys might look like it needs a apostrophes but it dosen’t need a apostrophes because it is not someones property and strawberrys are furits.


  6.   20tvisha Says:

    Apostrophes is something that is above its like a comma and a possession is something that belongs to something. Ex- I played with Charis’s ball.In the sentence the ball is something that belongs to Charis so that is why I used apostrophe.Ex- I was playing with Otiz’s thing’s.In the sentence things have a apostrophes but it shouldn’t have it.


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