Questions for Dr Suzie Imber

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Write your three questions as a comment.

1 – question about her life so far … think about learning and BLP.

2 – question about the Astronaut TV show and the challenges.

3 – question about her aspirations, dreams or the future

14 Responses to “Questions for Dr Suzie Imber”

  1.   Sufian& Borys& Michael Says:

    Did you have any jobs that you quit.Why did you sign up for the astronaut acadamy.


  2.   Nicola Eric Says:

    when you where smaller did you still want to be a astranut


  3.   mysha & cala Says:

    1 where did you work before you were an astronaut ?

    2 what was your favorite challange that you have done ?

    3 In the furture where would you go to mars or the moon ?


  4.   Nancy&Amirah Says:

    1. Why did you climb the mountain peaks?

    2.What was your favorite challenge?

    3.How many times do you want to go to space


  5.   Charis & Prachi Says:

    Question 1. Why did you want to go to space and to be an astronaut?

    Question 2. How did you feel when you got selected into the competision and why didn’t you think you would win?

    Question 3. What do you want to find out about when you go to space?


  6.   Tvisha&Antonina Says:

    Questions about Suzie
    1.Why did you decided to do PHD?
    2.What experience did you have doing claustrophobia test
    3. Are you going to climb himalayas in the future?


  7.   Owais-david-sammad Says:

    1. why did you do the application form?

    2.what is your favorite task is it the flying task because you were the best person?

    3. what is your aspiration?


  8.   poppy samir Says:

    Hi Suzie
    1.How was it to win.
    2.How did it fell to be on TV
    3.Do you want to have the dream to go to Mars and why.


  9.   Nicola Eric Says:

    What made you Want to be a astrant?


  10.   paweljunayd Says:

    How did you won the astrounts ? why did you sing up for astronurts ? when you were little did you wanted to be an a astrounorts?


  11.   jacob & Sefrat Says:

    Was the steps and counting in revers really hard?


  12.   Sinju & PASANG Says:

    1.When you where in school did you still want to be a astranut?
    2.Was it hard when you had to control the helicopter?
    3.Are you exiced to be a astranut and go to space?


  13.   jacob & Sefrat Says:

    What was your least favourite subject


  14.   Zofia&Farah Says:

    What was your favorite subject in school and why?
    What was your favorite thing in the program and why?
    What was your aspirations wen you wer letl and why?


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