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We use estimation all the time.

How would we think about estimating the following?  What strategies would you use?












How about these








5 Responses to “Estimating”

  1.   20pawel Says:

    On the sweets we split them into groups in eight.Then we counted 1 section to times it by 8 to give us an estimate.

    My estimate was 1040


  2.   20eric Says:

    first we had to split sweat’s then had to count the sweat’s and get the answer.When we get the answer we had to estimate.

    my estimate was 1040


  3.   Antonina Says:

    I folded up the picture and counted one section and timed it by 8 x 8 and 8 x 80


  4.   20jacob Says:

    On the sweets we had to estimate how much sweets there were and my estimate was 1280 because I did 80 times 10 which was 800 and I did 80 times 6 which was 480 and added them together which was 1280.


  5.   20sinju Says:

    I split the picture of sweets in 16 piceses.
    Then I counted the sweets in-side the piceses.Next I got the number 50 from the pice that I counted I got a ruler and a coloured marker I out-lined the the pice that I counded.Then I did 1×5=5,6×5=30,10×50=500,6×50=300 then I do 16×50=8000 and I am finish


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