Expanded Noun Phrases

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So, can you put your amazing writing based on the haunted house!

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  1.   20owais Says:

    One dark, stormy day there was a haunted house on a hill.There was a dead bat on the window.The spooky house with several windows and they had fore trees with no leaves.There was traps so they know its haunted.There was scary stairs witch it can break only if you put your feet on it.The pointy roof was pointy as a pencil.The lader was so bumpy
    that you can fall of it.The door was so creepy you need to jump when you open it.The dead bat was standing there like a stature.


  2.   20amirah Says:

    One dark night 4 kids saw a house and they went up to the house as they were walking up the creaky steps that were cold. “The old trees branches are falling off ” one child said. The door creaked open all the way open as they went inside they heard a voice [that sound like someone didn’t cough anymore] saying “help me” “it sounds like it’s coming from up those stairs”.They tiptoed up the stairs they opened the fist door they saw. Crack they saw one hand rising from the ground the hand pulled the only girl so all of the others pulled and pulled until her leg came out of the hand the hand went back in the ground “they aren’t very nice,welcoming people out of the cold window they saw a wobbling ladder.To be continued…..


  3.   20prachi Says:

    One gloomy day a girl called Kate lived in a scary house just acros the street.One day her Mum told her a true story about a old creepy house .there was a woman who was married with a young man but one day the man was found dead on a puddle of bright red blood.His wife killed him as she was poisend by her husbend her eyes was tearing with ruby red blood. Sadly she died and turned into a ghost .Who ever lived in that old creepy abonded looking house died that when Kate’s mum and dad died.


  4.   20jacob Says:

    One day a boy called kai was strolling along the path and he saw this spooky looking house and went home to tell his mum when he told his mum, his mum was shocked and the house was dark,spooky and wet.


  5.   20mysha Says:

    one stormy night,a boy called gorge wanted to look at the stars . just then he looked out of his window to see a spooky,haunted house . when he came closer he saw the broken ,old roof and the sharp glass shattered across the rocky path of the wet soggy garden floor .there was a scary tree with no leaves.there was a rusty gate and the paint on it was coming of gorge ran to see a scary man looking at him so he ran away .


  6.   Michael Says:

    One dark day a spooky house appeared on a hill. It had bats and branches reaching to it like large hands. Then three brave friends ventured inside the spooky house. When they opened the door they saw cobwebs a large door and a room filled with spiders. They saw a shadow pass by they backed away and ran out of the door and nobody ever went to the house again.


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