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Rabipola are one of the most incredible and rare creatures in Antartica .Rabipola has sharp claws,small fluffy tail, way  about 300kg although females tend to way500kg and  has hidden ears. However  they have long skinny wiskers ,razer sharp teeth and snow white fur can be found on there big body. Interestingly a Rabipola can grow  up to 1.5m tall which makes them a little bit shorter and they  use some of the body parts to hunt. A Rabipola has thick legs to swim and run. A Rabipola has big orange soft mane.

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  1.   Mrs Whiteway Says:

    You’ve clearly used some of your ideas from your group plan Prachi and have used our class write to help organise some of your ideas Prachi.
    Your next step is to read this out loud and modify it to improve it – some parts just sound like lists!


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