About Year 4

My name is Charis. I am 8 years old. I have two sisters, one older one younger. I also have a pet gerbil called Sophie. My favourite subjects are Maths and Art. I like reading and drawing. I also like to ride my bike and go swimming.

My name is  Zofia my hobby is collecting rocks. My dream job is being a singer. My favourite subject is maths. And I like to play with my friends I am also do comedies. I like to dance and sing at the same time. 

My name is Nancy. I have a best friend called Carla. My favourite colour is purple.and i like singing and dance and chirasm   and  subgect is  litarcy and art  and i have big brother and siter  and i like  seewt  and was  i had purple her  my fert  teacher is  mrs paint  i like ice icream  kfc subway and macdoanals and siwm lessing ana  i 8years old and in year 4 and like reading.

My name is Owais and I’m 8 years old. My favorite subject is maths. I love to play football and my favorite player is naymar . I like to play football and play it. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister and a mum and dad.

My name is Antonina I am eight years old and  love reading and cycling on my bike . I don’t have a pet but i will have one soon , I only have one little sister and I love her very much . I really like the colour purple , I’m starting to learn roman numbers and aldgribra , I find them both really easy at first, but I’ll learn mre harder stuff in the future  . I don’t live in a block , I only live in a house now . My dream job is to be a celebrity singer . I think I  really inspire people by my voice . I  am lucky to be in this school because all the pupils are really nice no matter what . My favourite song is Titanium and it’s sang by Sia . I go to forest school.

Hi my name is Poppy I live with my Nanny my Mum my Grand dad and my Sisster I love I nutela my fouvort toy to play with is lego.

Hello, my name is Sinju. I am very lucky to be a Oxford road, community school student,I am 8 years old. I have two best, friends who are Prachi and Charis. I love DANCING and my favirote colour is light blue and dark blue. My favirote food is noodles,pizza and hotdog for dessert I like having icecream and chocolate cake.

My name is Tvisha. I am 9  years old. My hobbies are swimming and dancing. I like to run. I like reading fiction books. My favorite pet is parrot.My favorite color is teale and dark blue.My favorite book is Tom Gates. My favorite subject is art and maths. I want to be a singer.I like summer. I am learning roman numbers. 

My name is Pasang. Like reading non faction book.My favourite sport is football.My favourite teacher is Mr L, Mrs Hester , Mrs Whiteway and Mrs Haran. My best Friends name are Michael, Samir, Sinju,  Prachi, Charis, Pawel, Owais and Eric. My favourite  country is United kingdom.

My name is Samir i like flowers swimming, I like musicl.ly BFF is Poppy.

My name is Sammad. I come from Pakistan and have six  people in my family. I have no pets. My  favourite thing to do at school is  play football. My favourite team is  Barcelona. and I hate maths.

My name is David and I like playing football. When I go I play on my phone

My name is Sefrat my hobby is gaming My favourite game is minecraft. I like being called RedSteall  my favourite subject is topic.  I am a youtuber my youtube channel is RedSteall. I only have 5s and I want 100 subscibers by next year. my favourite colour  is blue and my favourite animal is a fox.

MY NAME IS Eric I like wriding my bike and gowing on my playstation4. and I got 4 dog’s and 2 cat’s and i do lotes of reading

my  name is carla i like riding my bike  my favorit color is pink  my favorit subgect is art and i got a sister and a brother  i like sining and my best frend is nancy and my favorit theacher is mrs whiteway and i like Ice cream  I like doing my hair and I like reading and I like plaing.

Hello my name is Pawel I am 8 years old I have 1 sister and 2 cousins and I really like playing football with my friends  and I support a team called Arsenal. I like playing in my friends house and my favouirte animal is a snake and I have 4 fishes and 1 rabbit also I have a Xbox one but also I have football club and I like riding my bike and my skate board and I like playing Roblox  and that is all about me bye.

My name is mysha I ‘m eight years old. My favrourite colur is blue. I love art and drawing. I have two brothers and a sister. I love animals. My best friend are Isabelli ,Nancy , Amina ,Zofia and Carla.

My name is Farah. I am 8 years old. My hobbies are singing monster high and dancing. I like to play with my baby sister and I also like to pray. My favorite pet is puppy. My favorite color is white. My favorite subject is maths.My best friend is Zofia, Isabelli, Poppy,Nancy.

My name is Isabelli and I am 9 years old. My favourite hobby is swimming and gymnastic. I have a sister called Isadora. My best friends are Mysha ,Nancy ,Carla ,Zofia, Farah  and Amina. My faourite colour is blue.I like eating pasta.

Hi my name is Amirah I am 8 years old and I have a sister and a brother and they are both younger than me. One is in year one and the other is in reception and my favorite color and my favorite animal is a Rabbit and my favorite subject is art and when I am older I would like to be a artist and lots of other things and my favorite hobby is gymnastics and I am really good at gymnastics and would like to be in the Olympics doing gymnastics and I practice gymnastics at home is really fun its energetic. I have a teenager bike because it will last me for long when I first had a try I fell of after one day I could ride it and I hope that I can ride it today. 😃:)

My name is Amina. I am 8 years old. My favourite hobby is gymnastics and i  have a big brother called saahil. I love riding a bike and i really love reading books that are fictions and also i am in year 4. I have lots of amazing Gourneys. My best friends are Isabelli,Mysha,Nancy,Carla,Zofia,and Farah. My favourite colour is blue. I love eating paster. My favourite event in gymnastics are bars.

My name is Prachi I am 9 years old my faverite colour is purple and I love art.I have a brother I love cute animal but not the scary ones . I have two best friend called charis and sinju. I love my mum and dad.