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It is very cold today but lovely and sunny. A great day to ride a bike. So let’s go shopping for someone who likes riding a bike. Can you find the prices for the following items and add it up as you go along. Do not add anything to the online basket. A pair of […]

Estimating  Inverse operations Level 1 I think of a number. I multiply it by 2 and my answer is 24.  What was my number? I think of a number. I add 16 and my answer is 36.  What was my number? I think of a number. I subtract 25 and add 2.  My answer is […]


Create your own animal – remember you need to be able to answer questions about it! Design your own animal thinking about how it is adapted to live in its environment, diet, behaviour, camouflage etc. Build your wild self Switchzoo  

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We use estimation all the time. How would we think about estimating the following?  What strategies would you use?                       How about these Sweets ESTIMATION 180           

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Even though Roman Numerals are over 2000 years old we still see them in many places today!      Roman Numeral Website Just have a go at Level I and II When you have had a go at the interactive games – write a comment to tell the others all about it and how it […]