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Facts – Dragons are found across the world. Extra info box – five amazing facts about dragons. Paragraphs – they tell you what they do. info-they tell you  were you are and the bad stuff. sleep-they usually sleep on top of the treasure so that no one can steel it. dragons- there are many different […]


Who is your audience?  What is the purpose? We know when it was set … don’t we? What about where your story is set? Be quite specific here as there is a big difference between the coast and the mountains for example. Characters? Who are they? Technical vocabulary – what Stone Age tools, animals, clothing […]

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This number is four hundred and thirteen point nine. The digit 4 represents four hundred. = 400 The hundred digit is always the 3rd place left of the decimal point. The digit 1 represents  one tens.=10 The digit 3 represent three ones.=3 The digit 9 represent nine tenths = 0.9