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Sefrat’s review of: Ug Author: Raymond Brigs Genre: Fiction Ug is a story of a genius stone age boy with mean parents he plays football he wants to bend the stream Ug builds a house and he wants trousers. I like when he was about to get his pants. I dislike his Mom when she […]

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Sefrat’s review of: Twits Author: Road Dahl Genre: Fiction My favourite part is when MR twit pranks Mrs Twit. The book is about two ugly people that prank each other and died by the shorts , and bought guns for no reason.


Who is your audience?  What is the purpose? We know when it was set … don’t we? What about where your story is set? Be quite specific here as there is a big difference between the coast and the mountains for example. Characters? Who are they? Technical vocabulary – what Stone Age tools, animals, clothing […]

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Place value ones tens hundreds & thousand e.g TH/H/T/O 3679   3 TH 6 H 7 T 9 O first the thousand is the first digit from the from the other 3 digit. the hundreds is the 3 diget to the left. the tens are the 2 digit to left. the ones are the 1 digit […]